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my boat : BARRACUDA 7

 - This boat of 7m, was designed for one thing: FISHING


  - 8 people max but I limit myself to 4 fishermen


 - Engine SUZUKI 200 HP

 - Fuel tank: 200 l

 - Fresh water tank: 100 l

 - Sink, stove, fridge, marine toilet Grand vivier, many cane holders

 - Electronic: Two LOWRANCE HDS GEN 3 sonar / GPS combo with scan structure

 - NAVIONIC platinium mapping

 - VHF ASN USB radio player

 - "Coastal" security equipment

fishing equipment

- special sparidae: SAKURAUO rod (pink rod) casting with reel KC51H. fast action of peak, good reserve of power. extremely sensitive, ideal for fishing vertically from the pager

- reel TICA SVAT SHINARI 4000 et 2500

- reel TICA GVAT GYMIR 4000 et 2500

- reel  TICA VICTOR : casting puissant, un vrai treuil !

- rod PROX SCRAPPY, the Scrappy, cut for finesse techniques, it will delight you with its sensitivity and lightness. By quality requirement, it is mounted with Fuji components: skeleton reel seat with small foams for comfort and a large number of rings to better fit its curves. From its height of 1.98 meters, it will become your best ally to stalk your playmates in fresh or salt water. With a power of 3.5g to 14g, it will help you make the most of your most demanding lures.


- PUNCHY rod: Truce of jokes, it's time to present the Punchy! Just the name lets you guess that this cane is full of pep's, it will be your ally in any boat or shore fishing that claim power and dexterity. 2.33m long, a long heel to provide comfort whether throwing or fighting. Its advanced progressive action and inverted reel seat mount will save you fatigue with a high grip and flexibility when you need it.


- DEEPSY rod: The last of our series of Prox canes, dedicated to casting vertical fishing. With a power of 50g to 250g it gives you access to the latest generations of lures, even in the highest grammages, such as Flamingos in 200g. Its ultra sensitive tip and its power reserve will allow you to pick the big specimens the most fussy. With a length of 2.10m, it has a long heel for maximum comfort in combat.


- SPICY rod: This rod with a strong character will surprise you with its versatility. With its 2.10m of nervousness, and its 7-35g throw range, it will be your ally in a wide range of uses. Whether you prefer hard lures, soft lures or small casting jigs, it will satisfy you with its action full of sensitivity. Do not forget its spicy side, which ensures a good reserve of power for beautiful fights.

canne PROX SCRAPPY black order
canne pagre
TICA SVAT 4000 - 2500
TICA GVAT 4000 - 2500

Find all the equipment that I use in the fishing department of Espace Emeraude store in Milizac!

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