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Harbor of Brest


With a surface of 18.4 KM², Brest harbor is a large bay, surrounded to the north by Brest and south by the peninsula of Crozon. Formed by the estuary of two rivers separated by the peninsula of Plougastel: the Elorn to the north and the Aulne to the south. To get out you have to take the Brest Gully. This passage will take you to the Iroise Sea, then the Atlantic Ocean and beyond ... America!    

This body of water, famous for its military port, dotted with islands: Isle aux Morts, Île Treberon, Île Ronde ... to name but a few is also known for these gatherings, every four years, old rigs.    

This diversity of water supply and therefore food, makes the harbor an exceptional place for fishing, many species rub shoulders there throughout the year.


The Brest bottleneck


Wide of 1500 m and 3000 m long the gully is actually a submarine canyon where the tidal currents can be quite violent.

Whether at the bottom of this pit or on the rocky plateaus (Plateau des Fillettes, Mengan Rock) predatory fish take advantage of water movements to hunt for all the prey that pass.    

In addition to the seabass and pollock, the sea bream come to live in these waters since a few years. It is a sporty fish that will reserve you a fight of the most interesting.

Regularly we can meet a group of dolphin who will surely play with the bow of the boat.

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aulne maritime.jpg

the maritime Aulne

From port Launay  to Lanvéoc lies the maritime Aulne. Landscapes change at a tremendous speed: reed beds, the countryside, the valley and the boatyard of Landevennec. We will fish on sandbanks, in riverbed pits or near mussel pens.    The queen fishing here is the seabass whith surface lure, but we must not forget to rub the smooth hound shark and guilthead bream that populate the estuary.

The great harbor


The Bench of the Raven, the St. Peter's low, the Round Island, the dike of the military port ... all these sites, rich in fish, are within reach of fishing rod in no time since the port of Moulin Blanc .    From an overview you can see a large part of the harbor: the military port, the bridge of Iroise, the peninsula of Plougastel, the long island and finally the bottleneck of Brest.    

This is a place that will allow us to fish quietly when the weather conditions will not allow us to fish elsewhere

grande rade de brest

outside of the bay

The sea of ​​Iroise


Sector "badly paved", dotted with rocks and shoals, strong sea currents, mythical lighthouses and islands whose mere evocation makes us already feel the salty taste of the sea ... a whole program!


   sea bass, pollck, cod,  john dory, linge ... these fishes feel here at home. Why not give them a visit? In vertical or on the fly,in the foam near rocks or along vertiginous drops, there is so much way to rub fish that reach sizes ... interesting!    


You may come across dolphins, basking sharks or sunfish.

The "tas de pois"


In the extension of Pen Hir point this reef extends far into the sea. A succession of "low" offers us a multitude of fishing post.   

 Beautiful encounters, in a beautiful setting, are to be done. Point of passage to go to the Bay of Douarnenez, we regularly cross old rigs.

les tas de pois
 peche ouessant,  finistere, bretagne, guide de peche, idee cadeau

Thel molene-ouessant archipel


Ouessant, Molène, Beniguet, Litiry, Quemenes ... some of the islands that make up this archipelago of the "West Lighthouse".     

For the pleasure of the eyes, we meet dolphins, moons and seabirds. On one of the many small islands or rocks you will have the chance to see a colony of gray seal.    

For fishing, sea bass and big pollock are in the spotlight. If luck is with you, you may be able to attend a sea bass hunt where the gannets plunge into the water like missiles ... for the fisherman this is where the party begins!

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